Sea Lake - 12th August 2024

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What's it all about?

  • The Gadgets

    All of the latest gen consoles as they come out, and plenty of retro tech too

  • No Bucks

    It won't cost you a dime to attend our event. And sometimes there's pizza!

  • Your People

    Spend time with other gamers, streamers, casters & crafters

  • The Cataclysm

    It beats sitting around waiting for the zombies to attack.

Come together for the love of gaming

Level-Up! organises gaming events for young people. We bring all the gear, gadgets and gizmos so you can come along and be with your people, IRL.

With the latest generation gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets, giant projector screens and a bunch of retro gaming technology, we partner up with community organisers to deliver safe events for gamers.

It’s casual, social, inclusive and loads of fun.
Well attended, every time
50 +

Our Awesome Gadgets

Virtual Reality (VR)

A fleet of stand alone VR headsets, loaded with all of the popular software. Content will vary depending on the age group of the event. But you can bet that there'll always be Beat Saber at the ready

Playstation 5

They took some getting, but we're locked and loaded with PS5's. There are not a whole heap of local multiplayer games on this yet, but we're open to suggestions. Oh and!!! the controllers are amazing!

XBOX Series X & S

The fridge is here, and it weighs a ton! It's verrry cool and we have clocked the new Halo a few times already. We've loaded these XBOX siblings up with the usual suspects. BTW, C.O.D. is now 285GB's. Insane...

Last Gen Consoles

Sooo last season, but still mighty fine. We have every major console that we know of from the past 20 years.

The Switches

These consoles just ooze local multiplayer goodness! A stack of switches with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe setup you've ever seen!
Steering wheels and all! Live circuit - Minecraft, and all of the favs!

Retro Tech

While we think it's safe to already call some of the consoles in the
'Last Gen Consoles' category 'retro' (looking at you Gamecube)
we go a step further with NES and SNES, as well as some other arcade treats for the nostalgic at heart


Well our kidlets, [names hidden] have come home pumped with excitement from a fantastic evening.Congratulations on a well organised evening.The kids are excited at the possibility of a future event sometime... Thank-you to you and your helpers for a wonderful event
Jan R